Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why 22 will be better than 21

 I have been trying to ignore the fact that I was turning 22, freaking out because it seems so old. Up until tonight the question ‘so what are you going to accomplish while you are 22?’ stumped me.

However, during adoration it was as if a rock was thrown at my head.  God is about to rock my world.  I get to spend the next few months finishing school surrounded some of the most amazing friends.  Then I graduate.  Like wait what??? This is absolutely amazing. These past four years have changed me in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. My mind has been opened to a world outside of myself and soon, God is about to reveal to me a future I could have never imagined. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

I mean I have no idea what life is about to bring me or where I will be in seven months, but that’s okay. Where ever it is, I can’t wait to get there!  God is about to call me to my next vacation, He will open so many opportunities for me to go out and do something that I love.  Something that I am so passionate about that I am going to wake up every day leaping out of bed with a smile.  I mean who wouldn’t want that?  I am going to be able to go out and share my joy and desires with others, hopefully changing their lives.   

This is about to be the greatest year of my life. And every year after will also be the greatest year of my life.  HOW COULD IT NOT BE??? I will be living my life for God, surrounded by people I love, doing something that I love.  In Taylor Swift’s words… 'I’m feeling twenty two'

Catholic Guilt

‘Those who trust in Him shall understand truth, and the faithful shall abide with Him in LOVE because grace and mercy are with His holy ones and His care is with His elect.’ – Wisdom 3:9

Why do I feel guilty about sleeping in and missing mass after making a promise to myself I would go as often as possible?

Ø   Because I know that going to mass would have brought me closer to God, creating a more joyful, peaceful, and thankful day.

What most people assume 'Catholic guilt' is, is a feeling of God being mad at me and trying to make me feel bad. This feeling is actually from growing closer to God and Him revealing to my heart the knowledge of the better choice. He has shown me the beauty of the grace and love and mercy that I receive during mass and He tries to allow me this opportunity every day; all I have to do is say ‘yes’.

What is in my heart isn't guilt, it is inner grace that God has given me to lead me down the path that He knows is perfect for me, even if I can’t always see it myself.  During this life, I have fallen into sin and my mind has been tainted by the world.  I have been taught certain things will bring me pleasure and to follow those worldly pleasures.  But I am like a rat in a maze, I do not always know the best way to take; sometimes I want to follow the trail of poisonous cheese someone left. Alone I would fail, but I am not alone; God can see the best way out, He knows that best way to get me to the end goal safely. 

We need to be thankful God has given us a conscious because it allows us to find the everlasting joy that we long for in the depths of our hearts. It may be hard to always make the right choice because the rest of the world says it’s wrong, but sooner or later we will understand the good that comes from right decision.

 God isn't upset with you when you make the wrong choice, He just patiently longs for you to know Him and waits for you to direct your path back to Him so he can forgive your sins and bring you back on the road towards His everlasting love.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Embracing Silence

St. Augustine once said, “You made us for yourself oh Lord; and our own hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

Similarly, French philosopher Blaise Pascal believed, “the worst torture for modern man is to be quiet and alone in a room.”

What this means:

1.    Our hearts are created to be united with God; that is the whole reason He breathed life into us in the first place. 
2.    When we sit in silence, we reflect on our lives and feel that longing within our hearts.
3.    When we are separated from God by mortal sin we hate the silence because it reminds us that no matter how much stuff we buy or how many friends we have, there is still a feeling of loneliness.   
4.    Silence also allows us to realize what misguided parts of our life we need to change, but often find it impossible to do so.

We have two choices:

5a. Fill the silence up with the constant noise of people, music, books, TV, electronics, etc.

5b. Embrace the silence, start speaking with God; listening to your own heart as it tries to lead you down a new path towards eternal happiness.

6a. If you take the first path, you will never feel complete and will constantly try to fill yourself with the next best thing; seeking to fit a square peg into the circular sized hole in your heart that longs for its Creator.

6b. If you take the second path, you may experience some hard realizations, some bumpy times and big changes, but after these alterations in your life, you will be able to embrace the silence (you will seek the silence). At last, your heart will be at rest, embracing and returning God’s love.  You will finally experience peace, knowing that no matter where life leads you or what it brings you, God will be there next to you, guiding you through the storm, which is what truly matters.